Business Analysis Courses

Your Course Instructor will be an experienced subject-matter expert with extensive experience in training many of the largest Australian and International organisations and Government Departments.

ENDORSE offers 2 x different approaches to Business Analysis Training:

1) For certification and industry-standard Business Analysis courses, we engage our authorised Instructors/Partners to deliver authorised courses for certifications such as CCBA/CBAP. We ensure that your students are managed A-Z through their certification journey, providing individual student support whilst being placed on hand-picked industry courses to ensure quality and success.

2) If your organisation is seeking Business Analysis training specific to your internal environment or internal projects, we recommend a tailored solution. To achieve this, ENDORSE will bring a Senior Business Analysis Instructor to meet with you to prospectively build a course customised to the exact needs of your staff and/or your organisation.

We believe that training solutions specifically designed for your own environment generally ensure a more effective and productive solution. Our Instructors build and design these courses by conducting straightforward and interactive Q & A sessions with your stakeholder/s.

After we design a course outline to your specifications, we then tailor the content of the course to meet your exact business needs. We make the process simple and seamless for our customers, whilst ensuring the course matches the needs of your team/s.

We understand that time is critical in successful organisations so we ensure that this initial process only takes 1-2 meetings/phone conferences, whilst still ensuring the highest quality, customised training solution.

We design and deliver Business Analysis Courses for:

  • Professional Business Analysts
  • Team Members learning Business Analysis within their roles
  • Management
  • Company-wide audiences

Subjects/Topics in our Business Analysis Courses are listed, but not limited to, below:

  • Business Analysis - what is it?
  • Process improvement
  • How to gather and analyse requirements
  • Defining the role of a Business Analyst through the project life cycle
  • How to define the business problem
  • Business Analyst techniques
  • Business Analysis documenting
  • How to understanding the business environment
  • Connecting the business problem to the business process
  • Root Causes Analysis
  • Understanding models and modelling
  • Creating solution and scope
  • Creating vision
  • Understanding and managing stakeholders when setting the vision
  • Determining product scope
  • Establishing process improvement goals
  • Creating business cases
  • Understanding and creating benefits associated with the product
  • Defining and documenting requirements
  • Requirements vs specifications
  • Managing change
  • Understanding and delivering Quality Assurance
  • The importance of testing and how to test

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