Conflict Resolution Courses

Your Course Instructor will be an experienced subject-matter expert with extensive experience in training many of the largest Australian and International organisations and Government Departments.

While ENDORSE does offer “off the shelf” courses, we specialise in tailoring Conflict Resolution Courses specifically to your organisation’s individual requirements. Senior Instructors build and design these courses by conducting straightforward and interactive Q & A sessions with your stakeholder/s.

After we design a course outline to your specifications, we then tailor the content of the course to meet your exact business needs. We make the process simple and seamless for our customers, whilst ensuring the course matches the needs of your team/s.

We understand that time is critical in successful organisations so we ensure that this initial process only takes 1-2 meetings/phone conferences, whilst still ensuring the highest quality, customised training solution.

We design and deliver Conflict Resolution Courses for:

  • Any professionals looking to manage conflict effectively
  • Teams with specific conflict issues
  • Managers and Leaders
  • Junior staff

Subjects/Topics in our Conflict Resolution Courses are listed, but not limited to, below:

  • What is conflict?
  • What is the purpose of conflict?
  • Understanding conflict psychology
  • Recognising conflict escalation points
  • What are the most common forms of conflict
  • Understanding when to tackle issues
  • How to recognise a difficult person
  • What makes people behave in a difficult way
  • Different forms of problem behaviour
  • How to work with and relate to difficult people
  • Understanding and using body language
  • Controlling your own emotions in conflict
  • Adjusting your own style of communication to the scenario
  • Managing your self-awareness
  • Knowing how to agree and disagree
  • The power of using honesty
  • Converting arguments into discussions
  • The importance of Communication and why
  • Understanding Communication styles
  • How to build and strengthen relationships
  • How to navigate conflict scenarios with confidence and assertiveness
  • Fixing problems before they happen
  • How to defuse blame
  • Managing aggressive behaviour
  • Changing your own behaviour for a different outcome
  • How to listen actively
  • How to react to criticism
  • Building win-win scenarios
  • How to be a mediator
  • Turning negativity into positivity
  • Building continuous resolution
  • Creating and maintaining a conflict resolution plan

For ENDORSE to design and deliver a Conflict Resolution Course for your team, contact your Account Manager or

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