With a combination of cutting edge technology and expert resources, ENDORSE brings to Australian organisations cybersecurity solutions which are built to protect your system and data in today’s modern IT landscape.   
Our cybersecurity experts have exclusive access to a new-age automated security validation platform. This solution helps you to improve security dramatically so you can know where you stand at any given moment. It tests all cybersecurity layers by safely emulating attacks and arming you with a risk-based remediation roadmap. ENDORSE takes a holistic approach and uses a continuous validation model that understands real world attacks and uncovers true exposure and fast tracks remediation.
Assess - Scan and discover security gaps and shadow IT before they are exploited
Validate - Identify true risk by testing against the latest adversary threats
Remediate - Fix the most risk-bearing security gaps first. ENDORSE will generate a risk-based remediation roadmap with actionable insights that you can immediately execute, eliminating the noise. No more false positives.
ENDORSE provides an agentless, low-touch, fully automated platform that requires no prior knowledge of the environment. The solution can see what was previously unseen, providing immediate discovery and exposure validation across a distributed network infrastructure.

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